Un patio en Conil/ A patio in Conil

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Un patio en Conil. Oleo sobre lienzo. 50 x 70 cm. Disponible. expuesto en la plaza de Conil adonde trabajo por las mañanas.

A patio of Conil. Oil on canvas. Available. It´s hanging now in the market hall of Conil where I work in the mornings.


Cruzadas / Crusades


Burger King se traduce del inglés literalmente como el rey de los ciudadanos.

Estas palabras se me ocurren hoy, un Viernes Santo, el día que Jesús, el rey de la gente, ha sido asesinado por el  grupo terrorista y sus  esclavos voluntarios y pagados de aquella era, si estoy bien informada.

Burger King, the king of the citizens, the king of the people..

Today , a Good Friday, these words come to me, the day that Jesus the king of the people, got killed by a terrorist group and its paid slaves, if I´m well informed.

Fossil Fools

This is a small drawing made with ink pen depicting a part of Calle San Sebastian in Conil.  It´s one of those drawings I was never able to sell in the street, no matter how hard I tried. But still it´s worth getting anger out drawing. Back in 2005 when I drew it, I signed my art with soña solano, because I didn´t like my real name.

I hate cars,  so many there are.

They raze me with speedy velocities, erase chant of birds and wind in trees.

Memories of invasion and evasion  revibe through times. Minds full of hidden crimes overtuned by churning church chimes and politicians election rhymes.

Traitors to small tribe accept bribe, silky tie round neck , white collar trek leaves fleck of slime, growing bigger over time.

Grim bum face in metallic mercedes invades pedestrian  crossing, too weak to stop.

Small carcase flies in air, smashes on  pavement,  car´s a wreck. Driver on meds.

Robbing lobby mobs,  investors, lawyers,  banks , docs and other self chosen gods smell cash and go ahead

Sign to build fast cars, costly lawsuits, more money for themselves,

For you more pills, have a nice day and telly hells

To strengthen numbed puppet threads.

Where are they hidden,  our alarm bells?