Subiendo el monte/ Going uphill

Created with Nokia Smart CamLápiz grafito sobre pared de cemento. Todavía está en proceso esto.

Pencil on concrete wall. In process.


4 thoughts on “Subiendo el monte/ Going uphill

    1. Thank you, Jo!! Last year I was dibbling and dabbling around this one, when my old dog Sammy didn´t mind going so far with me. The few times I come around there now, it´s hidden and blocked by a delivery van parking there.


  1. Well, you surely are aware of recognizing recognizable forms in clouds and popcorn.
    On walls like this one there are also different forms superimposed.

    I have a preference of seeing lots of fairystorylike figures, so to highlight and complete some few chosen ones, I help it a little with a pencil.

    This one nobody has rubbed away yet. the funny thing is, if somebody wanted to rub it away, only a small part will be vanished, and then the person will recognize that part of the figure is a cement spot itself.


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