Peligro / Danger / Gefahr

6.4.20144/2014. Acuarela. Esto es un grupo de hombres en el llamado Hogar de los pensionistas, dónde es habitual de tomar copitas. Cualquiera puede entrar y observar el espectaculo. En el verano el restaurante está repleto de visitantes.

Watercolour. This is a group of men sitting in the pensionists bar called ” Hogar de los pensionistas”, where by the way anybody can join to have a drink. In summer it also converts into a busy restaurant for tourists.


5 thoughts on “Peligro / Danger / Gefahr

    1. I don´t know that, Wendy, because I don´t drink beer. But the price of whiskey and wine is very affordable indeed and doesn´t give me headache. Must admit that not only do I ocasionally visit the “pensionistas bar” because of the typical atmosphere of Conil it spreads in the soul, but also because of the low price. As you might imagine, it is not so easy for people to survive only through products of creativity.

      By the way, this type of bar I think is ideal to do sketches of the people, here mostly older men, because most tend to sit without hardly moving, watching telly while drinking their fino out of the recycled coca cola bottles. And nobody minds or seems to notice me while drawing.

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    1. Yes, innit! When I began drawing them from the other table, Lupi the bar keeper switched the big light on because he thought I couldn´t see anything. So I asked him to switch it off again, because I liked this kind of atmospheric light for this drawing.

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