Pajarito en zapatos / Birdie in shoes

WP_20150330_01525 cm x 23 cm. Acuarela sobre papel de seda pegado encima de cartón.

Water colour on silk paper glued on card board. 2010.


4 thoughts on “Pajarito en zapatos / Birdie in shoes

  1. Hi Angelica,

    I’m not much of a commenter. It’s a challenge – at least for me – to put into words my experience with a particular piece of art. As soon as I try it feels cliche, scripted, and no where close to portraying my true experience. Please know, however, that I thoroughly enjoy your work and appreciate that you make it public.

    Love from here,

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    1. Hello Jo,

      I appreciate very much any comment of yours, and not only because you are one of the very few.

      Understand completely what you are feeling when you write a comment about a picture, because it happens to me too, that suddenly I feel stupid. And sometimes I end up erasing stuff without sending it.

      It´s very nice reading your comments anyway. I´s also nice when you put a like. Take care and go on as you do, with your inviting blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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