Keep America safe in the Ukraine

getting there copy

I have linked some of the words to other sites which help you understand even more.

Dinosaur business corps stomp on foreign  grounds,

while orchestrating riots, they repeat democracy babble round.


They search breathlessly the enemy through diplomacy,

Free the lane for American supremacy.


No time to waste for the next election,” Democracy” needs secret stage direction.


Doing missionary work they shout licking lips.

They say to aid people come to grips.


Multi-stage fracture treatment´s  ready to implement

To quiet down the insolent, overthrow the government!


Security assistance being forged ,

puppets gorged.


Puppies follow orders to kill people

who don´t have the will to be their sheeple.


Keep American business safe in the Ukraine,

Free the lane for the oily stain.

This bad poem with the imagery is my small contribution to help others understand what dangerous situation we people in the whole world  are being led to, and why.

I might edit it sometimes like all the bad poems, and the image anyway

By the way, I would like to point out my great thanks to Bryan who is using journalism in an investigative way and helping me become a bit more knowledgeble also through his daily talking.

Click here to read one article he wrote related with the Ukraine, which helps a lot to understand what´s really happening, behind the mainstream news noise.


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