Eurovision empire on telly


Fantasy world of horror

Swallowing Mc Donalds inmidst acid trip lighting.

Blend in bland songs

Softly shouting.

Soulless  touting

The building of bridges

Blood of love

And between midges

The sad little snowwhite dove.

Words so meaningless

Kens and Barbies entertaining rich people in business.

White glove soaked in a tear

Sparkling champaign nicely near

It´s spectaculous to the ear.


All the people care and cheer.

Plasticly happy in glittery outfit,

Echo everywhere

In Eurovisionland.

Armenia and others are European for a night

Visions of Europe in splendid light

No I won´t sleep tonight.

There´s Eurovision

The empire on telly

And a can of  beer for my belly.

( I have been sitting with Bryan for a while watching together the Eurovision song contest. He was analyzing it loudly while I was scribbling down the poem, with some words stemming unavoidably from him).


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