¡¡ Lanzamiento a Moneygram !!! / Release on Moneygram !!!

La clase medio baja19.6.2015

Español:He lanzado esto, que soy yo, por la tarde en el autobus de vuelta de Cádiz a Conil, casi una hora de viaje.

¿Quieres que añade algo más? Me encantaría corregir cositas en este boceto.

Pues ponga usted la moneda que quiera en el éter, y ningun intermediario como Moneygram pueda hacerse con comisiones y más tonterías administrativas a su capricho elevado.

Mis aventuras para recibir el dinero desde otro continente duran ya más que una semana! El colmo pasó ayer cuando de pronto se me pidieron dos documentos con foto, no sólo uno, para poder recibir lo mío. No tengo dos documentos con foto en mi posesión.

Tengo que decir con pena por la remitente  que lo intentemos con Pay Pal!! O Western Union!!  ¿O  Bitcoin.


Threw this on a paper while taking the one hour lasting bus jouney back from Cádiz to Conil.

Would love to correct the drawing more.

Just throw something into the virtual money slit.  How nice it would be if sending money in any currency were as easy as that. Especially if there was only one currency on earth.

No greedy lazy intermediaries like Moneygram, no costs no trouble.

My adventures I am having to start to face up to, concern money transactions throughout the world in a cheaper and easier way. The unpleasant adventure with Moneygram has so far taken up almost 2 weeks for making it impossible for me to be served without delay.

The tip of the ice berg happened  in the internet place in Cádiz, (19.6.15). The young woman behind the desk wondered why the screen didn´t give her permission to hand me out the money she readily had placed under the desk, as she told me. She, and me too, phoned up some sort of information office of Moneygram, and of the four clemence begging phone calls three times the answer was I needed to present two documents with my photo. My passport wasn´t satisfactory enough.

The problem is, apart from not having been informed earlier about their needs, I don´t even posess two valid documents with my photo. Their answer was: “Well, sorry then, but there is nothing we can do. These are the rules.”

Only one south American answerer reassured me it´s perfectly all right to show the passport and the residence card, even though the second is without photo. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe I understood him wrongly. But he should be right.

The Spanish National Police and the inmigration information office assured me the green card for EU foreign citizens is all the government issues. So not even the Spanish government is asking me for more than these two documents to have, the passport and the green card.

I feel sorry for the money sender friend, who also has a work load being forced upon.


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