Good Bye Pain


Saying good bye to the pain again.

Goodbye pain goodbye pain goodbye pain

Goodbye drain  good bye inner insane

again and again and again.


No gains with brain stains and brain chains

which keep the amorphous structure held  painfully together.


Away the shame away the game

Away the game away the shame.

Free up the beautiful lane without strain.

Forget the stress

Slow down.


Don´t be a clown putting a crown on the

Head of your fat inner dictator even though a traitor.


Why punish your body? Your body´s not guilty for your mind and fingernails treatment, not to mention other body parts.

Body´s my friend. Free up the lanes in different  ways.


Free up the mind, grind fine my  ego shrine,

Create more pleasurable mental vines and veins for the heart shrine,

No mental and governmental police swine no more standing align with a miserable shine.


Good bye hurting heart chains. Good bye mental brain chains.

Dealing with it.

Healing the being.




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