His head in my fists

His Head In My Fists


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Here I sit to write the worst thing  I did

to my brother when we were kids with his head in my fists.

Slammed it against the radiator, to show him who´s the gladiator.

I thought no one dare laugh hilariously  when I am seriously serious.

Though in reality he was the only one I dared to bully. He was smaller and sometimes  he was really silly.

When I saw the trickling blood stream, and heard him scream, I let go and sucumbed to

the realm of mom, angry mental bombs falling on my dream of being loved and free.

I hadn´t killed him, he´s all fine. When we see us we wine and dine.

Those long times ago we were kids, and some memories we will never rid.

But it´s worse when we do obnoxious things as grownups while rinsing away memories of sins merely with water on our skins.

Wonder if I´m malicious when getting the fidgets.




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