Corporate Wires

elmauRestaurant in Schloss Elmau ( PR Schloss Elmau)

Corporate wiring, ever so tiring, no expiring.

Elites work eating in idyllic restaurants.

They´re being treated well, stomachs swell. Heads as well.

These elated related illuminated weighted feel entitled to hold strings just like  God. They may feel good but they´re not.

Cought in some jingoistic thought knot full of food, they jot down the plot, and make young men bomb a lot.

Call it “Making history” .  Sounds so joyful, so mystic, though merely capitalistic.

Corporate patriot, corporate pirate, corporate parrot, corporate primate.

Corporate corner stone of the corporate pyramid.

Corporate primitive on dinosaur throne.

Dining with Soros may sell more drones. Dining with Murdoch  helps buy cloned mental clowns. Dining with monsters will seal a spell.

The keystone clouds  have silver lining shining in blind eyes obiding.

Cloned clowns reflect own quelled empathy level, fighting for hell.

There goes another bombshell. Children yell.

Food´s good in spy ring.  Lots of chin chin with Monkey gin.

Umpire for the empire!  Umpire for pillage!  Watch the blood spillage in that village, order others to do the tillage!

There we are aspiring to maintain corporate wiring.

wp_20160723_002Burger King place in Conil, Spain. Whereever, looks the same, insane.

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