Vote for Hillary! Vote for Pillory!

By the way, only because I wrote angrily about this person, doesn´t mean I like Trump. I don´t.wp_20161106_023

Here I come flying on a bomb, you keep calm!

Smear your paw with balm and praise me with a psalm!

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty Sky!”

Whoever spells and smells like a heart melter selling a lie, will vest in my fortune on the sly! This makes me fly high!

Your Hillary will pillory, using the artillery, like me did before when a younger whore drinking the gore and ignore the price of war for more crore bills that you pay me for! Got powerful friends, Podesta and Saudis and Soros and more!

Vote for me, the computers will fullfill willfull my wishes; do not  spill beans, do not leak mail, or I´ll send you the militias! Your Hillary is delicious!

Save America in the Ukraine(This picture I had created for another bad poem concerning the Ukraine takeover of the United Western Nato  and Narrative. Might as well use it again.  Hillary Clinton was involved there, anyway, too.)



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