When I was a child I had a dream

 When I was a child I had a dream

The same one repeating again and again.

It wouldn´t go away the hidden pain.

Those were the nights I wet my bed

Waking up in a sweat

Heart beating yet.

Heartbreaking beat, breathtaking feat.

Fearing the breathing Not wanting to see.

Violent foot race on wooden base.

At its end there´s in the middle a space taken up by a  hut made of straw

The thatch as a roof ain´t  make it bullet proof at all.

So instead of entering I run as careful as I should

Around it on the narrow wood.

Restricted area, nothing good.

A glance onto the river makes me shiver

For it´s  converting into  turbulent sea

Probably awaiting me.

That was the moment when my cries woke me up

Before you could push me off the wharf, mom, off the map.

Didn´t want to morph into death while holding the breath.

While tears were rolling, the pee was consoling

for an eternal moment of thought of controlling.

Next episode of this poem soon coming along  strolling.


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