About mental and metal drones


Our ancestors were involved in generations of wars and its scars while forgetting the past.

I inherited what I´ve been fed. Thoughts and feelings have their way.

From the older to the young, on they play.

The same struck track makes memories fade conveniently away

Into the shade

Made of mental cloud hiding bloody blade.

Cowards in crowds hiding  shame inside  frame

Painting facts white all the same.

Every clone  alone in mental grindstone.

Desperate clowns rushing after dosh as dreams drown.

Self chosen kings rule on high throne

Throwing up hidden mental drones while signing paper loans in Restaurants.

Also metal drones go flying along, killing,

Fat kings so  strong. Chilling.

Who gives the orders?

Why don´t  I fight for my right

To know  truth of  past fights

To cut out foul roots right where they sprout first

Without making the innocent being thirst?

Why accept the traditional lie? Why bearing souls so dry?


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