Puppet Virus Planet

Why do we loose the pleasure of moving like when young and joyfully skipping about?

Why do we loose the pleasure of singing, why does the pleasure get loose, how does the pleasure get lost?

The pleasure of moving the pleasure of singing the pleasure of choosing to be good.

How does the pleasure get lost of choosing to be honest and nice like our forgotten hero doll?

We have chosen to drive fat fast cars with big fat bums,

We have chosen to sit quick fast and forever  on heavy arse,

We lost the pleasure to move like pretend cat,

We lost the pleasure to breathe in couragously not flat.

That´s what you got, Mc Donalds the lot.

Hungry bombed out hot spots right now are being sucked out of the resources on behalf of the invisible naked arrogant kings,

Getting used all life long to obey some lunatic puppet masters.

They are teachers within treasured since young, Teachers outside on the run.

Woven into us  invisibly so strong.  They are players in power so long.

We imitate headstrong.

Something´s gone wrong after building wall around throng.

So longing while sleeping, better watch out not to fall.


2 thoughts on “Puppet Virus Planet

  1. thought filled post Angelica nicely put together with your illustrations. we have been tied to the car in the breakdown of communities – work is far from home, schools far from work – people packed into tight spaces – we are sardines who have forgotten how to swim. We are the number on our car number plate.
    p.s. I move my bum most days to take walks around the city

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