Bad Poetry / Mala Poesía

Mujer sin hogar, hogar sin mujer
Fossil Fools




Todo bajo control ( poema informativo)
Semana santa 2005
Puppet Virus Planet
Sobre las pilas que se convierten en metales mentales pesados
About metal and mental drones


Vote for Hillary, vote for pillory!

When I was a child I had a dream

Corporate wires

Patrimonio común en lento estado de descomposición


dgg copy
Short Tory

 His Head in My Fists

Glue Bye

Save America in the Ukraine
Click here to read ” Keep America safe in the Ukraine”.

WP_20160104_009Read ” Good Bye Pain”, click here.

Read my bad poem Peak Out , with the visual contribution from Jo Freehand,  her kind of creepy but inspiring collage been dragged here from her art blog The Daily Record 365.

heartRead “Heartstorm”, click here.

Read my bad poem ” Loop Quantum Gravity or Spin Foam Nest” . I had in mind this image from Jo Freehand while writing.
Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Thank you

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