Banca Cínica

DSCN9398A4. 2012. Acuarela y pincel con tinta.

Español: En realidad este banco que cambia de nombre más a menudo, en el 2012 se llamaba “Banca Cívica”. No hay mucho camino para pensar en la banca cínica.

Cuando entro en un banco para pagar una factura, suelo esperar mucho en la cola. Siempre me armo con material de dibujo para no aburrirme. Así  el tiempo va pasando más rápido.

English: In reality this bank changes names, and maybe also personnel, quite regularly, since the economic crisis began. in 2012 its name was “Banca Cívica”, translated   “Civic Bank”. It´s not much thought needed changing from civic to cinic.

When I enter a bank to pay a bill, There is usually a huge chain of people waiting to be served, or to pay. I always make a good choice of arming myself with drawing stuff to avoid angry boredom in my life.  So time goes more quickly.

The lettering on the two posters ( exept cinica)  was really there. One says: “Cinic Bank. Always at your reach”.

The other one says, and surely lies: ” Deliver your insurance and you´ll get 401 e.”