Dear mama

Dear mama,

You are obviously not taking me seriously. On the last occasion I saw you, 23 years ago, I remember clearly you and your husband telling me ” You know what you did”.

That was the day when I hitch- hiked many hours to visit you after ten years not seeing you. I wanted to know what I did for you not wanting to know me. Remember, you didn´t even invite me into the house for a night, and not even for a tea. Well, I didn´t know what I did then and don´t know what I did now.  But I know what you and your husband did. I also know what a number of your boy friends did. And I think a lot of other people should.

You know what you did. And I was just a child.

Monika 3This is me now, mama.

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3 thoughts on “Dear mama

    1. By the way, Jo ( helloo!) : ” And I was just a child” is the only sentence Bryan brought to attention when I read my letter to him, and I just had to write it down.. Now I really hope soon to put another letter on, as she hadn´t replied yet. So much to do..


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